Fiskars 18 Inch Staysharp Max Reel Mower

Fiskars 18 Inch Staysharp Max Reel Mower

The Fiskars StaySharp push lawn mower is a 50-pound reel mower that is built to clear away any obstacles in its path. It features a mechanism for spraying grass forward, so you can enjoy mowing without any grass getting blown back on you. Its weight makes it perfect for pushing through tough spots on your lawn. In fact, it is better at this than any other reel push mower on the market.

It also has a unique StaySharp system for cutting grass that allows it to cut grass without the blades actually touching it. This gives the blades great lasting power because they will never get dull. This top push lawn mower also comes with a height adjuster that allows you to adjust it from one to four inches, making it suitable for people of all heights to use.

If you are concerned that the weight of this quality push lawn mower will make it hard to use, don’t be. It is built with mechanisms that make it easy for anyone to push, even kids. It is a perfect reel lawn mower for anyone with a large lawn with flat turf, and it will last forever as long as you take care of it. This may be the last reel lawn mower you ever need to buy.

People love this top push lawn mower so much that they are leaving lengthy and detailed positive reviews of it online, something you usually don’t find with virtually any product. Here is just one of the reviews from an actual happy customer:

I have a 1 acre lawn area on my farm, which includes several hilly and steep inclines. I used to use a powered self-propelled petrol mower. When the grass was thick it took over 3 hours, and the grass would constantly clog the underside of the mower, especially when it was thick and wet.

I ordered this Fiskars mower, and even with the shipping costs to Australia, it has been worth every cent. I love this mower.

It still takes me 3 hours to do the 1 acre. On the flat and downhill sections, it is as easy to push as the powered mower. On the uphill bits, it is hard work. I’m a fit guy, almost 50 years old, and this gives me a great workout.

Best of all, it will cut long, wet grass without clogging. That means I can do the lawn in the cool of the morning even with the grass wet from dew. The power mower couldn’t do that, and I would have to wait till the sun dried the lawn up, in the hotter part of the day

The quality of the cut depends on how often you mow. If you leave it too long until the grass is high, a power mower will give you a cleaner, neater cut, including seed stalks. The Fiskars mower will not do as neat a job on really long grass. However, if you mow more frequently, the Fiskars will be easier to push and gives a very clean cut. Watching the cut grass spew out from the front is very satisfying.

It does need a bit of tuning to get it just right. Requires just a spanner, and a sheet of paper to test the cut. Easy.

Saves fuel
Saves time (if factor in buying fuel, filling, starting)
Pull it out any time for a quick run
Almost silent
Good workout
Very satisfying, almost fun
Should last forever, as the blade does not touch the cutters

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